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A law firm with in house attorneys, lawyers, advocates and auditors, etc.



Europlaw Group is a member of International Association of Lawyers (UIA), situated in Paris, France. Europlaw Group has its operations in most countries of the world offering consultancy, advisory, services, law, financial solutions and transactions for medium-sized and larger firms.

The group’s core strategy is to deliver professional services including:

  • Lawyers and in-house attorneys
  • International business law
  • Paymaster
  • Escrow services
  • Cross border forex payments
  • Implementation of capital market
  • Asset and wealth management
  • Project funding sites
  • Monetization
  • Audits and accounting
  • Embassy and diplomatic law
  • Offshore banking & compliance
  • Merger & acquisitions transactions, etc.

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By working in the capacity of senior partner with their customers, the group has built team of experts from the fields of legal advice, asset management, fiduciary, audit, escrow services, apostile and tax services. like lawyers, escrow agents, auditors, advocates, investment bankers, accountants and real estate professionals works to together in competent teams.

With its operative headquarters in South Africa and the holding company based in London, United Kingdom, the company grows constantly by adding new professional partners in new locations worldwide.


The Europlaw Group also facilitates funds for selected projects and active in capital market transactions in the areas of increased capital, special placements and block transactions. All such transactions are typically managed and implemented by the Europlaw team itself. Europlaw Group, besides investing in innovative privately held companies that are in critical growth stages, also facilitates investments in listed companies of different sizes.


Key differentiators in consulting concept Europlaw Group practices are quite unique. Working more on innovative and implementable strategies, the group helps Entrepreneurs focus on achieving their multi-dimensional business goals.

What more! The group walks extra miles and shoulders Entrepreneurs in implementing these developed strategies.


The Senior Team of the group knows what it takes to be experts and knowledge are one of the most trusted resources in the world of global finance.

Each member is keen to walk extra miles with various stakeholders by guiding, advising and hand-holding in the capacities of investors, running business operations, and risk management, etc. both in highly developed and growing economies.


Europlaw Group, with their decades of experience in developing, organizing and managing corporate & capital transactions helps their international clients and investor communities.

The Group extends services in most phases of clients’ business by acting as their escrow agents, international legal advisors, paymaster and asset managers ensuring the steady improvement in client’s value by strengthening their equity capital.


This approach is completely different at Europlaw Group. The focus of all consulting projects is not any new or modified methods or strategies. This counseling approach centers on a specific, desired and practical implemental transaction. To conclude, Europlaw Group is methodically working out a strategy, set by the entrepreneurs’ goals. In other words, we do not ask what possible targets could theoretically or hypothetically be achieved by a particular strategy, but here it is ostensibly about what strategy must be developed to reach that specific business goal. Europlaw Group takes two decisive steps forward. Not only do we develop a new modified strategy, but rather coordinate on this basis the concept and the tactics as well as the parameters and official requirements of the strategic elements. Each project is completed with the practical implementation and realization of the proposed transaction. 





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