Europlaw Group’s team of experts have been helping people around the African Continent and worldwide fulfilling their document legalization, apostille and certified and plain translation needs. Europlaw Group serve both individuals and companies by offering a high quality customer service, custom solution problem and different types of services and prices that can accommodate to anyone’s needs.

If you’re being asked for an apostille or embassy legalization and don’t know where to start? If you need retrieval support services in order to obtain certified copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce papers, police clearances or death documents, you’re in the right place? If you’re looking for simple solutions to your translations needs we’re ready to start working with you any time. Europlaw Group is also working very closely with different High Courts and Department of International Relations (Department of Foreign Affairs)

Europlaw Group is a company with headquarters in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa and a big network of agents and international legal associates all over the world that offers world class expedited apostille, embassy legalization, document retrieval and certified or plain translation services.

Europlaw has unparalleled experience in the field and the efficiency and knowledge that a ten year track record in experience offers. Europlaw services consist of providing the required governmental authority authentication of documents for their international use. Finding the right company to provide for your apostille and embassy legalization needs can be a hassle as well as time consuming and a waste of money. It is extremely important to get your document legalization services done right by an experienced professional because otherwise you can loose valuable time and money. Throughout our years of successful experience, we have also provided a timely consulting service to those individuals and companies seeking for the required different governmental authority authentication for both personal and business documents from any governmental authority authentication for worldwide use.